??⚔ The Third UHC Amaranthus Event ⚔??

Our third UHC event is coming up today (12/28/2016) at 6:00 PM CST. Here are a few rules and guidelines for the event:

  • Gentleman’s agreement for the first 20 minutes (no killing before certain amount of time)
  • Border is 1500×1500
  • Border will start to shrink after 40 minutes and will shrink down to the size of 200×200
  • Eternal Day will be enabled after an hour – Friendly collision is disabled
  • Friendly fire is enabled
  • Tier 2 potions are enabled, regen potions are disabled, health potions are enabled
  • Nether is open

The IP and teams will be all decided tomorrow at around 5pm CST or so. Please see our Discord server for further information.