Amaranthus Community Survey 1 Results

Hey, folks! We’ve closed the first Amaranthus Community Survey and the Results are in! I’d like to go ahead and share the results with all of you and try to expand on what changes we’re looking at making.

  • Where do Amaranthians come from? Almost 50% of our survey respondents say they first heard about the server from Minecraft forums. 27% of respondents heard about us from Reddit, and another 27% heard about us from a friend. These numbers help us understand where we should focus as we move forward in advertising more.
  • How satisfied are you? 75% of respondents are happy with the state of Amaranthus right now and around 16% are unhappy. We’re glad so many of you are satisfied with where we’re at, but we’re also interested in hearing more from those of you who aren’t. We’d like to set up more surveys to better understand what you guys think could be better.
  • Staff Concerns 75% of survey respondents felt positively about recent changes to the Amaranthus staff lineup. 25% of you felt, in some way, more negatively. Again, we’re interested in hearing you out on this issue in future surveys and beyond. Over 90% of respondents said they understood staff roles. We’re happy we’ve been able to be clear, but if any confusion still exists, I’d invite anyone looking to learn more to check out the staff page on the wiki. Finally, over 90% of respondents felt that they are treated nicely and fairly by staff, with two thirds of respondents saying they agree strongly. We’re happy with this reputation, and we’re looking to improve and uphold it in the future.
  • Katsura Overall, opinions regarding Katsura were generally positive. Most of you said you’re interested in contributing in some way, and you contributed a lot of ideas as well. To respond to this, we’ve completely opened up building in Katsura. It’s still a community project, we’re still working together, and we’re still asking that builders focus primarily on community buildings and keep housing to apartments, but we want to grant you as much freedom as we can to be creative. We hope this helps!
  • Events This was an interesting domain, and I’m really glad we got the information we did. About 25% of you are interested in more PVP events, and over half of respondents are interested in more trivia events. We’re going to use these numbers to try to balance the number of events we hold in each domain. While a lot of players aren’t interested in PVP, we want to offer the opportunity still for those who are. Likewise, we want to begin to offer more trivia as well. I think I’m going to be holding more impromptu trivia nights, and I invite anyone else interested in hosting to contact me or to just go ahead and give it a shot.
  • Events (Part II) Events were a huge part of this survey, and you all responded loudly and clearly — Amaranthians want more community events. We heard you, and we’re going to be working toward hosting more events and creating a better community environment. Our policies still need a little more fleshing out, but Amaranthus strives to be a community-centered server. To that degree, I’d like to mandate that anyone interested in holding an event is able to do so. If you’d like staff support, please contact me, but we don’t want you to have to wait longer than you have to. Regardless, the staff team will be working toward a number of staff-sponsored events.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and filled out the survey. We’ll likely have another one out soon, and we’re always looking to improve the server we all know and love. Thanks for helping!

Community Manager

? Construction on New Spawn Has Begun! ?

You can help out and discuss building New Spawn on our forums here.

These are the current teams we have in place for projects at New Spawn:

Spawn Teams (may get outdated)


  1. Ametza
  2. Strong

Primary Tasks:

    • Fill in water pools on spawn island 1.
    • Connect the rivers in between spawn islands.
    • Remove the center mountains from spawn island 1 extra for the arena.

City Layout:

  1. Led

Primary Tasks:

    • Design the layout of the city portion of spawn.


  1. Lucas

Primary Tasks:

    • Create an arena that is focused on PVP with a modern Japanese theme.

Subway System:

  1. Ben

Primary Tasks:

    • Create a modern Japanese subway system under the city.
    • Connect the system to smaller villages (with the tracks above ground for aesthetics).

Mountain Village:

  1. Flip

Primary Tasks:

    • Create a Japanese village with scenic views and temples in the mountains.


Red names denote team leaders.

Please speak with team leaders if you wish to join a specific team. I have given the team leaders trust permissions on the spawn claim so they will be able to trust their team members when needed. Listen to your team leaders and follow their instructions.

As time goes on, we will add more teams & tasks as we get a solid foundation of New Spawn’s layout.

New Spawn's Location Is Decided!
Vote on the Theme Next!

Location #2 has won the popular vote. Check out some pictures below:

Location #2


Now we need to vote on the theme for our New Spawn! Please click the link below to vote. You will need an account to access the forums and vote.

The three most popular themes are displayed for you to choose. Please be sure to consider the features of the area, size of the area, and theme building difficulty when picking your favorite. Also consider the features that will be needed at spawn (e.g., nether portal, market, and so on). This vote will end in exactly 2 days, and you are allowed to change your vote before then if you wish.


Plans for New Spawn Are Underway!
& Happy New Year!

?? Happy New Year everyone! ??
We hope you had a great year and hope you have another one come 2017!

If you aren’t clued in to the happenings on Amaranthus, we are currently having a vote on where our New Spawn’s location is going to be. If you want to help us out, please head over to our forums. You will need an account to access them and vote. Here are the two relevant links to the threads:
Vote on the new spawn location!
Let’s brainstorm the New Spawn’s theme!

There are four main locations to vote for and the voting ends on January 2nd @ 11:59PM CST.

If you post an idea in the “Let’s brainstorm the New Spawn’s theme!” thread, make sure you link to some images what you have in mind. Thanks for reading! Have a Happy New Year!