Amaranthus Changes

Hey Amaranthians!

With the recent changes that have happened within our community, staff, and server, I have started to come to the realization that more needs to happen on the server before new players should be brought in.

Spawn: Spawn has been chosen and a theme has been set. Once the spawn building has been constructed, the staff and I will be setting up plots for players to begin building shops. From there, construction will begin on other buildings, such as auto-smelters or food farms. If any ideas for spawn come to your mind, don’t hesitate to mention them to us in discord or in an email.Spawn Survey

Community Involvement: Our community has been on the decrease in terms of players. It is not what it used to be. New players have started to come in, but I am going to put a short halt on advertising to get spawn to a more useable level. I am very concerned with getting the community back to what it once was. If anyone has any sort of concerns or ideas to bring friendship and involvement to the community, they are graciously appreciated.Community Involvement Survey

Staff: With the changes to the staff, new owners, staff members leaving, and new ones joining, I am concerned with how the players feel. Our current staff members include myself as Admin, MoMoe as our Technical Admin, Ametza as our Mod, and Ledship and Flipswiz as our Helpers. Our staff is very dedicated to helping our server, however, due to time zones, help is not always available. I am working on attempting to get another member to join our team, but please do not ask to apply or for a position.Staff Survey

Community Manager: Benislav was the previous filler of this position. With his departure for real life, that spot is now vacant. The purpose of the community manager was to plan events, get community feedback and report potential problems or rule violations to a mod or admin. To potentially get more events planned and make community feedback more important in decisions. All decisions made about the servers are made with the community in mind. Not just in mind, but specifically for them. We will never make a decision without first going over every possible pro and con. Our community manager position was meant for that. I do want to make it a priority to get another player to fill that position.Community Manager Survey

Server: The server has had some major changes in the last few weeks. With the ownership transfer and the map reset. The server is at a state that it was in back in November. While the owner back then did bring in new players and brought the community back to what it once was at. The only problem was what to do after people joined. Spawn was not very well planned, but he managed to bring the community back to Amaranthus. This is what I want to do, bring community back to the server, but do it in a manner that keeps the players that wouldn’t stay long to start. My biggest concern about this server today is getting it to a point where players log in and are drawn to stay, want to stay.Anything you might want to say about anything Amaranthus Related

To conclude, some changes still need to happen to the server. I have many ideas and am excited to put them into action. The surveys linked at the end of each topic are to try and get some feedback about what you think about what has happened, what is happening, and what should happen. Thank you.

-Dubs, Your Amaranthus Administrator