? Construction on New Spawn Has Begun! ?

You can help out and discuss building New Spawn on our forums here.

These are the current teams we have in place for projects at New Spawn:

Spawn Teams (may get outdated)


  1. Ametza
  2. Strong

Primary Tasks:

    • Fill in water pools on spawn island 1.
    • Connect the rivers in between spawn islands.
    • Remove the center mountains from spawn island 1 extra for the arena.

City Layout:

  1. Led

Primary Tasks:

    • Design the layout of the city portion of spawn.


  1. Lucas

Primary Tasks:

    • Create an arena that is focused on PVP with a modern Japanese theme.

Subway System:

  1. Ben

Primary Tasks:

    • Create a modern Japanese subway system under the city.
    • Connect the system to smaller villages (with the tracks above ground for aesthetics).

Mountain Village:

  1. Flip

Primary Tasks:

    • Create a Japanese village with scenic views and temples in the mountains.


Red names denote team leaders.

Please speak with team leaders if you wish to join a specific team. I have given the team leaders trust permissions on the spawn claim so they will be able to trust their team members when needed. Listen to your team leaders and follow their instructions.

As time goes on, we will add more teams & tasks as we get a solid foundation of New Spawn’s layout.

New Spawn's Location Is Decided!
Vote on the Theme Next!

Location #2 has won the popular vote. Check out some pictures below:

Location #2


Now we need to vote on the theme for our New Spawn! Please click the link below to vote. You will need an account to access the forums and vote.


The three most popular themes are displayed for you to choose. Please be sure to consider the features of the area, size of the area, and theme building difficulty when picking your favorite. Also consider the features that will be needed at spawn (e.g., nether portal, market, and so on). This vote will end in exactly 2 days, and you are allowed to change your vote before then if you wish.


Plans for New Spawn Are Underway!
& Happy New Year!

?? Happy New Year everyone! ??
We hope you had a great year and hope you have another one come 2017!

If you aren’t clued in to the happenings on Amaranthus, we are currently having a vote on where our New Spawn’s location is going to be. If you want to help us out, please head over to our forums. You will need an account to access them and vote. Here are the two relevant links to the threads:
Vote on the new spawn location!
Let’s brainstorm the New Spawn’s theme!

There are four main locations to vote for and the voting ends on January 2nd @ 11:59PM CST.

If you post an idea in the “Let’s brainstorm the New Spawn’s theme!” thread, make sure you link to some images what you have in mind. Thanks for reading! Have a Happy New Year!

??⚔ The Third UHC Amaranthus Event ⚔??

Our third UHC event is coming up today (12/28/2016) at 6:00 PM CST. Here are a few rules and guidelines for the event:

  • Gentleman’s agreement for the first 20 minutes (no killing before certain amount of time)
  • Border is 1500×1500
  • Border will start to shrink after 40 minutes and will shrink down to the size of 200×200
  • Eternal Day will be enabled after an hour – Friendly collision is disabled
  • Friendly fire is enabled
  • Tier 2 potions are enabled, regen potions are disabled, health potions are enabled
  • Nether is open

The IP and teams will be all decided tomorrow at around 5pm CST or so. Please see our Discord server for further information.