Below is the complete list of commands you can use on Amaranthus. Please let a staff member know if we missed any.

Player – Normal rank.

Command List

– /afk
– /getpos
– /help
– /craft
– /home : Warp to your home.
– /sethome [homeName] : Set your home location. Three home limit.
– /delhome [homeName]  : Delete your home.
– /itemdb : Gives you relevant information about the item you’re holding.
– /list
– /playtime [playerName] : Leave [playerName] blank to get your own playtime.
– /mail
– /mail send [playerName] : Sends mail to a specific user.
– /mail read : Read your own mailbox.
– /mail clear : Clears your mailbox.
– /me [text]
– /motd
– /msg [playerName] [text]
– /recipe [itemName]
– /seen [playerName]
– /spawn
– /tpa [playerName] : Sends a request to teleport to a specific player.
– /tpaccept
– /tpdeny
– /tpahere [playerName] : Sends a request for a specific played to teleport to you.
– /warp
– /warps


Supporter – Users who have purchased the supporter rank.

Commands & Perks

Purchase this rank at

  • [$] Prefix before your name to show you’ve supported Amaranthus.
  • Your own Dynmap icon for your base. Icons located here.
  • A custom nickname pertaining to your Minecraft IGN.

– /trail : 32 cosmetic trails that are all customizable.
– /fw : Your own personal fireworks menu where you can customize your own effects and have firework shows.


Staff Ranks:


Commands & Responsibilities

  • Responsible for addressing questions and concerns.
  • Monitors the server chat and reports any misbehavior.

– /co i : An inspection tool to see who placed blocks and interacted with objects.
– /co help



Commands & Responsibilities

  • Includes all of Helper’s responsibilities.
  • Monitors player activity.
  • Confronts and deals with rule breakers.
  • Assists Admins in other duties as assigned.

– /whitelist add [playerName]
– /whitelist remove [playerName]
– /whitelist reload : Reloads the whitelist, should be used after making changes to the whitelist.
– /fly
– /kick [playerName]
– /mute [playerName]
– /sethome [text] : Unlimited homes.
– /top
– /tp
– /tphere
– /vanish




  • Has access to all commands.
  • Ensures the server is up and running.
  • Sets up server wide events.
  • Deals with rule breakers.
  • Responsible for ban appeals.
  • Keeps up with advertising efforts.