Rules & Regulations

  1. No Griefing

    We define “Griefing” as the purposeful destruction or obstruction of another person’s work without their expressly given permission. This also includes stealing items from chests that don’t belong to you. Don’t break or steal other people’s stuff. That’s not cool!

  2. Hacked/Modified Clients or Mods are Prohibited

    Any cheating, attempts at hacking, or x-raying will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from the server. Please check with us if you’re not sure if any mods you use are allowed.

  3. No Spam

    This one is pretty obvious. Don’t fill the chat with a quick succession of messages. This can also include advertising other servers, repeatedly calling someone’s name, or generally being annoying.

  4. Be Respectful

    When engaging with other community members, try not to be insulting or rude. We aren’t going to stop┬áthe use of any words or phrases, but we ask that you don’t insult or actively try to offend other players. You may swear, just don’t swear at others.

  5. Keep the Server Neat

    Non-aesthetic and impractical obstructions (such as 1×1 towers, tunnels, and floating trees) should be removed or covered up when they have served their purpose.

Punishments are up to the discretion of the staff. You may appeal any bans on our forums.